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Alpharetta GA Flood Damage Restoration

If water is flooding your home, you need to act fast. Flooding can cause serious damage quickly and the longer you wait, the worse the damage will be. Within hours, water will have spread throughout the area and ruined any paper or cardboard left on the floor. Furniture with metal feet will quickly corrode and stain your carpet.

In a day or two, pressed board and sheetrock will begin to swell and disintegrate and mold, mildew and bacteria will begin growing. Don't wait - call your Alpharetta water and flood damage restoration experts at the first sign of trouble to minimize the damage and expense of removing the water and restoring your home.

Alpharetta Residential Water Extraction

Water can enter you home in many ways. Backed up plumbing, a broken water pipe, a leaky water heater, acts of nature – the list goes on and on. Whatever the source, for any water intrusion beyond a minor puddle, you should rely on a professional to remove the water and restore your home.

It is very difficult to remove all of the water that may have soaked into your carpets, padding, walls, floors and ceilings. Even if you think you have all of the water vacuumed up, residual moisture in the walls, carpets, padding and other areas will continue to cause damage including mold and mildew growth, bacterial growth, and wood rot.

Alpharetta Commercial Flood Damage Restoration

You can rely on our Alpharetta water extraction experts to remove all of the moisture from your walls, carpets, and other hidden areas using professional quality water removal and drying equipment. Our trained and experienced water removal and clean up technicians use special moisture detecting instruments to find hidden water pockets and to monitor the moisture and humidity levels in your home.

Call or contact our water extraction experts now and we will rush one of our water removal teams to your home or office.